The 2017 Bayside R/C Club Auction was held on October 28, 2017.

This year’s auction was an incredible one, due in no small part to the amazing inventory of items up for bid. We sold nearly 500 items and had the largest selection of of stuff for sale that anyone can remember. Every time it seemed that there could be a pause in the number of items checked in, another truck, van or trailer would arrive with dozens more. There was no more space to put the items on tables, under tables, on the stage or in the aisles, so part of the seating area was taken over for a time just to cope with the magnitude of items for sale. It was a unique sight that few will forget.



The selling portion of the day started just after 9am, and it was moving along swiftly for the rest of the day. With a few exceptions, there wasn’t much of a break in the action, and buyers were constantly in their seats, or running back toward them, so that they didn’t miss any of the deals to be had.  Due to the volume of items, it took longer than anticipated to end the auction this year. As 6pm rolled around, items could still be seen covering a great many tables and some of the anticipated sales hadn’t even happened yet. In the end, sales and cash out didn’t happen until nearly 8pm. The final clean up and shut down lasted well into the 10 0’clock hour, with the indoor flyers slowly taking over the floor space as each table was put away.




We found some areas that we can improve for next year and are already working on them. We advertised on Facebook for the first time, reaching over 1300 qualified buyers in the nearby Bay Area. One big improvements for this year was the ability to take credit cards for the first time. A number of buyers were very happy to find out that credit cards are now accepted, and it ended up making some of the bids very competitive. Now that we have experience with that system, it should make it much easier for the card to take credit cards at other events as well. Service fees aside, it was a very positive experience.




In the final tally, the auction went pretty well and the majority of attendees were glad they were there. For those folks that didn’t make it, you missed out on some of the greatest deals we’ve ever seen on planes, gear and more. Start planning now to attend next year’s event, and thanks to all who visited, sold, purchased and volunteered!