Club Roster Update

From Dan S.:

Dear Bayside Club member,
It has been 5 years since we lost our field in Fremont and although BART is making good progress in building their station, we are still without a field and by the end of the year will lose our meeting place, “The Hanger”.

As you may know, AMA requires an up to date roster of every AMA club including Bayside. AMA then compares that roster to their current AMA membership list. The board has decided to tidy up our roster so as to give AMA a true and up to date accounting of our membership.

To that end, if you would like to remain on the membership roster and consider yourself a Bayside member please indicate so by sending an E-Mail to Dan Sievert at DSievert@Comcast.net

Not responding by April 31st will be understood as your desire to no longer be on Bayside RC Club’s roster.  Please indicate also if you have a valid AMA membership number.

You may also receive and hard copy of this page in the USPS mail. If you respond to this page by email you will not need to respond to that hard copy in the USPS version.


Minor Web Site Changes Active

Due to over use of some of the web site pages and functions, a change in the look and style of the web site was enacted today.  The hope is that this less visually heavy, less bandwidth intensive version of the web site will cut down on the downloads and bandwidth usage for the whole site.

This new theme is also supposed to be mobile friendly, so hopefully everything works on the Android’s and iPhone’s of the world as well as the PC’s and Mac’s.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.