Aircraft registration is coming

As of December 21, 2015, it appears that the days of AMA only R/C flying are over.

The FAA has decreed that all unmanned aircraft, ranging from half a pound and up to/including 55 pounds must be registered (at a 2015 cost of $5) in order to use US airspace. Presently this is a single registration for any number of planes/helicopters/multicopters.  But the other requirement is that this registration must re-occur every 3 years.

Registration starts on December 21, 2015. In order to avoid fines (up to $27,500 USD) all R/C aviators must register before February 19, 2016. Please note that FAA has made clear that any information provided to them as part of registration will be made available/searchable to the public.

For details directly from the FAA, please visit their UAS site: https://www.faa.gov/uas/registration/

Or if you want to let the AMA know your feelings on the topic, contact them here: http://www.modelaircraft.org/aboutama/Organization/hqstaff.aspx



Christmas 2015 Dinner

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! With that said, we have some more eating to do! We can diet after the New Year. Come on down for what might be our last Christmas party at the Hangar!  (A new housing development, is scheduled to be built on the site soon)  I hope this article gets to you in time as December 10th Thursday is almost here. That is when our annual Christmas party will take place. So please try and make it if you can! I will be getting the food with Dave Neves’s help during the day. I plan on getting a couple turkeys from Whole foods or wherever I can get them cooked. If you want to bring something to help out that would be great as well. Drinks would be a nice thing to bring as well as deserts…  I will do my best to get a variety of side dishes and other items. If you plan on making it please let me know so I can gauge what I need to buy for the party.

*** Call or text me at 510-299-6858*** or email me at [email protected]