Signing Up for Club Emails

As the club is now getting underway again, there’s a need for us to update our rosters, email lists, etc. We’re hoping that you can help us out by letting us communicate with you via email. Here’s how it goes:

  • If you are a paying club member, and you want to get emails from the club about field updates, club business, etc. then click this link to register for club communication emails
  • If you are either a club member or someone interested in the club, and you’d like to see the monthly Flightline newsletter sent to your email account, click this link to register

Thanks for letting us stay in contact with you!

President’s Update for January 2017

Bayside members,

Since our newsletter editor is out of town there won’t be a formal Flightline this month but I do want to get out some information and make a few points to everyone.

First I want to thank those members who showed up last Friday afternoon to help nail down the loose runway fabric. I checked on it after the weekend storms and everything looked great. It was really important that we did the work before the strong winds came which could have torn it up pretty good.

Communication – We have our Bayside website where you will find the newsletters and other info. Also there is a Facebook page. You can search for Bayside R/C Club there. And of course an occasional email like this one that goes out to the same list used to notify you of the Flightline being available.

Location of the field – Seems that I always forget to include the location of the field in every email. I just assume by now everyone knows where it is. In case you have not been out or are still not aware I’ll give it to you here. It is at the extreme west end of Mowry Ave in Newark. 8100 W. Mowry Ave. Newark 94560 if you need your navigation app to find it for you.

Membership Applications – Yes we are old school and you will need to print the application from either the website or Facebook pages. Fill it out; include your check and a copy of your AMA card. Then follow the instructions and mail it off to our Treasurer. As of the first of the year it is required that you be a member to fly at the site.

Monthly Club Meetings – We meet the second Thursday of every month at 7:30. Since we lost our previous meeting location, we have moved it to a Round Table Pizza restaurant 37480 Fremont Blvd near Central. The club buys the pizza so come on out. This is the best way to keep up with club business and happenings.

The weather has been a bit rough lately to have much happening at the new field but we look forward to great times and many improvements to come.

Thanks again for all the volunteers that have helped at the field so far. We are off to a great start with the new field and the new year.

Let’s make Bayside great again.

Mike West