Q & A



Here are some quick facts about the Bayside R/C Club:


Visit us at the Bayside R/C Club flying field. The approximate street address is 7640 Mowry Ave. Newark, California, 94560.


We located and usage began using this field around November 2016. It is located in an industrial area off of Mowry Avenue in Newark, CA. The field is situated at the very end of Mowry. Take the driveway on the left, directly next to our sign (situated 10ft to 12ft high on a post) and go an additional 100 yards through a rolling gate.

Here are some quick facts about the field:

  • Our site requires everyone have AMA insurance to use the field
  • The main gate has a combination lock that is given out to club members when joining
  • Five (5) flight stations allow up to 5 pilots to fly with excellent near-the-runway visibility
  • There are 14 work tables to set up and work on your aircraft in the pit area
  • The runway is 440 x 44 ft and is covered by a US 230 Woven Filtration material placed over hard packed earth
  • Two large sunshades cover four picnic tables, providing seating and cover from the sun
  • A large, multiple row parking lot with gravel, grass and dedicated handicap parking
  • A storage container (“the box”) houses tools and items to maintain the field
  • There is a single port-o-potty located next to the storage area
  • No trash, power, water or Wi-Fi services are available at this time

We have seen all kinds of craft fly at the field, from small foam park flyers, quads and drones, to larger electric planes, to nitro powered warbirds, gasoline powered 3D ships and including turbine powered jets. All have been flown successfully and smoothly from the runway surface.

There are currently several different flying areas at the field:

  • The main runway area, for airplanes and helicopters, flying forward with the pattern traffic. There is no hovering in this area.
  • The small course area, for multi-rotor and FPV flyers, limited to the boundaries and courses laid out in that area
  • Helicopter flight information can be found on its own page

General Rules for the Flight Area:

  • Don’t fly this side (where you are standing) of the runway.
  • Don’t fly over people.
  • Don’t fly over Pick n’ Pull.
  • Don’t fly into or over the land owner’s equipment (near the small course area).
  • Don’t fly anywhere you can’t see your aircraft line-of-sight.
  • Don’t crash where you can’t retrieve your aircraft.


The site that is being used for our field is an industrial site. There are other buildings and businesses on the site and surrounding area. It is a fenced and gated field that is shared with the property owner and his businesses. We are trying to be courteous neighbors, so we work with the property owner to keep the site clean and to limit the traffic and visitors to the front area of the property. The gate must be locked each day when members leave.