Field Banner is Up

We have had several people ask “where is the field” or “is there something I can look for to find the entrance” when talking about the flying field. Well, the day to answer that question with more clarity has arrived… meet our new field banner:

Now, when you look down Mowry Avenue, toward the bay, you can see our sign from the road long before entering the property. This should help folks more quickly and easily ID where we are and hopefully learn about and investigate the club (via this website) when they drive by.

Big thanks go out to Mike West and Carl, the property owner, for helping get this sign up in the air and finished today!

You can find this photo and more like it in the club’s Google Photo Album page.

Field Banner Has Arrived

We are in the process of getting better signage up at the field. This banner at 4’x8′ should go a long way toward helping people visually recognize the field entrance. It is planned that this banner will replace the existing real estate sign at the front of the property.

It isn’t ready to put up just yet, but it’s a step in the direction of letting people know that our field is just ahead.