More Field Improvements

Today some additional improvements were done to continue to expand the capabilities of the field:

  • A centerline stripe was painted on the runway
  • Some additional repairs to the runway surface
  • More organization and clean up inside “the box” storage area

Look for more changes in the future. You can help us out by pitching in on a project the next time you are out at the field. All in an effort to help make Bayside the best place to fly in the Bay Area.


New Field Photos in the Album

For those folks that didn’t have a chance to make it out to the field today, there were some notable accomplishments that took place:

  • The first competitive event was held at the field (it was UAV/Drone racing, but not sponsored by the club)
  • The first post-weather-related clean-up and rebuild happened, where the awning structures were rebuilt and the tarp coverings were used, then removed and stored to prevent further damage
  • The first (maybe?) work done to the interior of the storage box, now with useful shelving inside
  • The first cook-out / work party lunch took place for those who helped build, clean-up and fix all of the above

To commemorate all of this fine work, we snapped some new aerial photos showing the new layout as well as the temporary drone racing area. Check them out on the photo site.

We expect to see more of these work events as the weather improves to keep building out the field facilities. Check back for more details as they become available.


Post-Storm Work Party, Sunday April 9

Bayside members,

An impromptu work party will happen tomorrow, April 9th, at the field if you’d like to help out.

As most of you know, the shade tents hit the ground Thursday night in the high winds. All of the legs are bent and are going to be replaced with new materials. The work will be easy and sort of a production line.

Also, the FPV races are going to get set up on the other side of the driveway and further back from the parking lot 8:30-10:00 with the racing starting right after. We will have coffee and doughnuts early and a BBQ up and running by 10:30. Dave would like some help with that. Regular flying from the runway can still take place all day long.

The weather looks to be better tomorrow than it was today so come on out. Do some flying, check out the FPV thing, help with the work, or just hang out.

Tools to bring. Hands, cordless drill for drilling and driving 3/8 head hex bolts, flat shovel, metal rake.

Hope to see you there.

Mike West