Help Needed: Transport Benches to the Field

We are in need of some help to move donated benches to the field this Sunday, June 11.

There will be 12 to 18 metal tables waiting to be moved from a facility in San Jose on Sunday.
The plan is to have a group leave the Bayside field on Sunday morning at 9:00am to bring those benches back to the field.
Dave Neves has a truck and trailer to bring everything back.  People who can help move the benches, and those folks with pickups are being requested.
For more details and to coordinate this move, please contact Dave Neves  at (510) 673-4467 or

Club BBQ, Sunday June 4th at the Field

Bayside members,

We are starting up the tradition of having a BBQ at the field on the Sunday before the meeting. The club meetings are currently being held at the Round Table Pizza on Fremont Blvd. at 7:30 the second Thursday of the month.

With that information you should see that this Sunday coming up, the 4th, is our BBQ.

So this is just a heads up to come on out to get in some flying, socialize, and enjoy the BBQ put together this month by Dave Neves.

See you there. Well I can’t make it, but you get the idea.


Mike West