A new flying field was located and an agreement for its use began in November 2016. It is located in an industrial area off of Mowry Avenue in Newark, CA.

The approximate address is 7600 Mowry Ave, Newark, CA 94560.
You can find the field at the very end of Mowry. Take the driveway on the left 100 yards through a rolling gate.


The field is an industrial site and has been overgrown with grass for some time. There are other industrial buildings and businesses surrounding the area. It is a fenced and gated field that will be shared with the property owner and his business.

Current efforts are underway to bring the site up to flying standards. A parking lot, flight stations, run up areas, pit areas, a storage trailer, tarp covered areas and prepared covering runway surface will be constructed at the site. Power, phone and water are not currently available at the site. Cellular service is reasonable at the location.

Everything from small, foam park flyers, to larger electric planes, to nitro powered warbirds, gasoline powered 3D ships and up to turbine powered jets have been flown successfully and smoothly from the runway surface.

Specific helicopter flight information can be found on its own page here.

Runway as of April 2017

An approximate layout of the flying field and usable flying areas is illustrated here (click/tap it for a very large version):

Map Surfaces Key: 

Grey Line is Mowry Ave & Field Entrance Road
Black Line is the runway surface
Black & White Hashed Line is the power lines
Green Area is the easily accessible flying area
Orange Area is the more difficult to access flying area
Yellow Area is impossible to access, so don’t crash there

General Rules for the Flight Area:

  • Don’t fly this side (where you are standing) of the runway.
  • Don’t fly over people.
  • Don’t fly over Pick n’ Pull.
  • Don’t crash where you can’t retrieve your aircraft.